Where to Buy and Sell STEP token

Locations to Buy and Sell STEP token

STEP is available on a number of exchanges in different forms from Spot markets on centralised and decentralised exchanges to Futures Contracts to AMM pools. Below is a list of the locations where the Step team is aware that STEP token is available.

Decentralised Exchanges

Decentralised exchanges are non-custodial (they dont have control of your funds) and require the usage of a DeFi wallet to interact with (eg. https://phantom.app/). If you lose your keys to your wallet you money is lost. Please be aware of the responsibility to maintain a backup of your wallet.

Mango is an orderbook DEX for STEP: https://app.mango.markets/?token=STEP

CLMM DEXs for STEP also Include Orca.so and Raydium.io


Swap pools are useful for simply trading one currency to another. Some follow an Automated Market Maker model, and some are aggregators for other liquidity. Swaps done on app.step.finance always source the best price from all liquidity locations and therefore we would recommend using Swaps on Step.


Centralised Exchanges

Centralised exchanges take custody of your money and often require only an email and password to use. List below of the available Spot and Futures markets.

Kraken: Spot USD: https://trade.kraken.com/charts/KRAKEN:STEP-USD

Kraken Spot EUR: https://trade.kraken.com/charts/KRAKEN:STEP-EUR

Gate Spot: https://www.gate.io/trade/STEP_USDT

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