Step Finance Overview

A brief overview of Step Finance and FAQ

What is Step Finance? is the front page of Solana.

The core product for Step is the largest portfolio dashboard on Solana and provides data insights about your wallet in addition to the rest of the ecosystem. Step makes it easy for anyone to monitor their portfolio token balances, AMM LP's, yield farms and more with coverage of about 95% of the Solana ecosystem.

Step also owns and operates many sub projects and brands including:

Step Finance - The Dashboard for data on your wallet positions and enabling various onchain actions like staking, sending, swapping compounding and more.

Step Analytics - Building on Step's extensive data integrations is the Analytics product for Solana ecosystem specific data.

Step DAO - The Step Finance DAO where users can do bounties for productive things that grow the Step ecosystem. - Solanas Largest NFT Data Analytics and News website.

Solana Crossroads - Solana's first and largest community conference held annually in Istanbul, Turkey.

Step Data Insights - Step's Data analysis arm with regular newsletters and quarterly ecosystem data reports

Solana Allstars - IRL twice monthly events in cities across the world focused on education and introducing new users to the Solana ecosystem and Allstars partner products. Similar to Binance Angels.

The Next Billion - Step's podcast focusing on the builders and entrepreneurs onboarding the next billion people into crypto.

The goal for Step is onboarding a billion people into crypto and our core competency is in the world of data and content creation.

What can I do on Step Finance?

On Step you can execute transactions across many Solana contracts in one place in addition to tracking and getting data insights on your Solana portfolio.

Step projects and brands all have differing audiences and goals

  • Wallet specific data insights on Step Dashboard and ecosystem specific insights on Step Analytics

  • NFT specific insights on Solanafloor

  • IRL events with Solana Allstars and Solana Crossroads

  • Written and video content on Step Data Insights and The Next Billion

  • Job opportunities and ecosystem/marketing growth with StepDAO

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