Known error messages and potential fixes

I am getting a 'failed transaction' error when trying to Swap or Add/Remove Liquidity

This could be many things but you can try the following fixes which might help resolve it:

  • Ensure you have enough SOL in your wallet to execute the transaction

  • Disable Adblock on

  • Use Chrome or Brave browsers. This is what Step is tested on, other browsers may or may not work correctly.

  • Do a hard refresh on your page (see how to here)

  • Clear your browser cache for Step

It may also be the case there is an issue with the node Step is connecting to. Currently there is alot of traffic going to Solana nodes and due to this congestion of traffic it can result in failed transactions. The best solution here is to hard refresh and try again. The step team is actively seeking to setup our own node to alleviate this.

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