Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, hard refresh.

Where can I stake STEP, and what are the rewards?

Please follow the guide here

Where can I farm STEP?

You can farm STEP on Step (staking) and Orca Whirlpools.

What is STEP's circulating supply?

Coinmarketcap is often wrong. Coingecko is usually up to date on circulating supply.

Where can I see STEP's tokenomics?


What is STEP's utility?


Where can I buy STEP? You can buy from

More info here

I can't see my pools!

Hard refresh, if that doesn't work they may not be supported yet. If you are farming and you can't see it in STEP's dashboard after that let us know the protocol so we can integrate them (if we're not in the process already).

STEP's dashboard isn't loading!

Hard refresh again! If that doesn't work, try changing your IP address (like turning on a VPN). If the issue continues to persist, come to the support channel for assistance.

Is STEP multichain?

At the moment STEP's platform and token are only on Solana.

Can I use a Hardware Wallet?

Yes! You can use a Ledger with wallet providers like Phantom and a Keystone wallet with Solflare.

Where can I settle/cancel my trades?

Is there a fee to settle?

There is a 20% referral of the settling fee from Serum DEX on STEP.

What are the swap fees?

The fees for swapping on STEP on 0.3%, with 0.2% of those fees going to LPs and the other 0.1% going to stakers. Swapping through multiple pools when a trade has to be routed has a maximum fee of 0.52% with 0.4% going to LPs (0.2% for each pool) and 0.12% going to STEP stakers.

Is there a fee to compound?

There is a 0.2% fee on the claim amount.

Where do fees go?

All fees earned by Step go to: https://app.step.finance/en/dashboard?watching=5Cebzty8iwgAUx9jyfZVAT2iMvXBECLwEVgT6T8KYmvS

Why aren't my NFTs/tokens showing any value?

STEP uses the SPL token list (https://github.com/solana-labs/token-list) when available to pull available Coingecko feeds, or Serum markets. If they can't be found there, they can't be added (yet).

Compounding on STEP:

  1. On your yield farming position, press "compound" and it will bring you to this screen. Then, click claim rewards.

  2. After claiming, it will bring you to a re-balance your claimed assets (selling half into the other side of the LP) so that you can add to your liquidity balance.

  3. Once re-balanced, you will then be prompted to add your new balances to the liquidity pool.

  4. From there, you stake your LP tokens to finish the compounding process!

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