Listing your coin on Step

Step gets pricing information from the Serum DEX and a list of all coins from the tokenlist repo here . For Step to be able to recognise a particular coin in your wallet there needs to be active Serum Liquidity for that coin from which we can get pricing information and be part of the tokenlist in the Github repo.

Your submission to the tokenlist should look like this:

"chainId": 101,
"address": "StepAscQoEioFxxWGnh2sLBDFp9d8rvKz2Yp39iDpyT",
"symbol": "STEP",
"name": "Step",
"decimals": 9,
"logoURI": "[email protected]/assets/mainnet/StepAscQoEioFxxWGnh2sLBDFp9d8rvKz2Yp39iDpyT/logo.png",
"tags": [],
"extensions": {
"website": "",
"coingeckoId": "step-finance"