Step Finance

Listing your coin on Step

Step gets pricing information from the Serum DEX and a list of all coins from the token-list repo here . For Step to be able to recognise a particular coin in your wallet there needs to be active Serum Liquidity for that coin from which we can get pricing information and be part of the token-list in the Github repo.
Your submission to the token-list should look similar to this:
"chainId": 101,
"address": "StepAscQoEioFxxWGnh2sLBDFp9d8rvKz2Yp39iDpyT",
"symbol": "STEP",
"name": "Step",
"decimals": 9,
"logoURI": "",
"tags": [],
"extensions": {
"website": "",
"coingeckoId": "step-finance"
If you want to be listed on Step faster due to token-list merge delays, you can also open a PR on our extended token-list repo here.

What if I don't have a CoinGecko ID yet?

Since Step gets pricing from Serum DEX markets as well as CoinGecko, you can create a pull-request on our serum-market repo.