This page discusses how to do a Swap on Step

How to do a Swap on Step

Navigate to the 'Swap' Page from the left side bar. Make sure you have a balance of SOL as all swaps and interactions with the blockchain require a small fee to be paid in SOL

Swap window

From here you will see the 'Trade' and 'Pool' tabs. To Swap you will be using the 'Trade' tab.

Next, you can select which coins you want to swap to and from. You will need a balance already in one of the currencies in the 'Swap from' section.

Select which coins to swap to

When you enter an amount to swap from you will get an exchange rate and estimated received amount. Please note these numbers are indicative and are not confirmed until after transaction has cleared.

Swap Confirmation

When ready to swap click 'Swap' in green and your transaction will be executed. You should see a confirmation popup in a dialogue box on successful trade.