Step Finance

Step 2: Connect + Fund Wallet With SOL

SOL token is required to do anything on the Solana blockchain.

How does work?

First, you can visit the Step landing page from there you can click a link to be redirected to the current app. You can connect any supported Solana Wallet by hitting the 'Connect' button at the top right of the screen.
Choose your preferred wallet from the list
Once you have connected your wallet you will see the Step Finance Dashboard, Swap, NFT Gallery, Liquidity Pools and other locations in the Step Finance platform.

Fund Wallet

You must spend a fraction of SOL to do many interactions on the Solana Blockchain. Therefore to be able to buy coins on a DEX, Stake for yield, invest in Vault or anything else you will need a small balance of SOL otherwise your transactions will fail.

Via an Exchange

There are many exchanges which support SOL and projects which pay out bounties in SOL to new users. Earning your SOL is always best but if you need to buy SOL there are exchanges like Kraken which support purchasing SOL with fiat currencies.
Once you have some SOL you are all Setup to use Step Finance!