Step Finance
Supported Protocols
Supported Solana Protocols in Step
Here is a list of supported protocols within Step. We will update this from time to time please note that often other Solana projects have multiple products and only some of those products may be supported. If you find a project thats not currently support in Step please feel free to visit our Discord and let us know!

Overall Protocol Support (Dashboard, Yield Farms, Lenders, Dexes etc)

Coming soon*

Transaction History

Current Coverage of the Transaction History module in Step

SPL & Solana

  • Send
  • Receive


  • Swaps
  • Donations
  • Step Staking
  • Step Unstaking
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity


  • Swaps
  • Reward Claiming
  • Farm Staking
  • Farm Unstaking


  • Swaps


  • Swaps

Mango Markets (v1, v2)

  • Deposit
  • Withdraw


  • Swaps (Serum AMM Swaps)