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Creating a Yield Farm
Anyone can create a yield farm for a specific token pair with single or dual yield emissions.


Step makes it easy for projects to create yield farms utilising the existing Step AMM Pools. Unlike other projects which require centralised approvals and manual work to setup a yield farm, Step automates the creation of yield farms in a permissionless way. Single Asset yield farms emit only one token for a defined period. Dual Asset yield farms emit two tokens in a defined period. To create a yield farm the user must lock an amount of xSTEP, this xSTEP is redeemable at the conclusion of the chosen emission period.

Video Walkthrough

A walkthrough of the below steps is also available here

Step 1: Making a Yield Farm

Create a Farm
To create a yield farm, click the 'Create' button at the top right of the Step Farms page.
Create Farm Modal
You will then see the Create Farm modal window with a number of parameters.
Emissions Structure:
Single Asset yield farms emit only one token. Dual Asset yield farms emit two tokens
Liquidity Pool: The Step LP pair you want to create a farm for
Specify Farm Emission Token: Define the token which will be emitted in the farm
Emission Period: The time period of which emissions will be distributed linearly in a pro-rata amount of staked liquidity in the pool.
Lock xSTEP: There is a minimum amount of xSTEP required to lock for the duration of the emission period
If there are no stakers in your farm, emissions for this time period will be void. We recommend creating the farm and then immediately funding it (described in later step).
A yield farm has not finished creation unless you have funded the emissions for the pool, this will be done in the next step.

Step 2: Funding a Yield Farm

Pending Farms are those without any emissions funded yet
The next Step is adding the emissions to your farm. You will see the farm you created in the 'Pending' tab on the Step Farms page.
Add Emissions Modal
Click to 'Add Yield' button on the pending farms page and you will see the window to Add the emissions to start your pool.
You will not be able to fund the emission pool unless someone is already staked in the pool.
Enter the amount of tokens that will be distributed to stakers over the emission period. Click the 'Begin Emissions' button and approve the transaction to start the Farm!
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