Step Finance

Farming on Step

With Step farms anyone can partake in an incentivised yield farm and projects can create permissionless yield farms for their token.

As of June 2022 the Step Farm Creator is being deprecated. Only exiting farms functionality will remain enabled


The Step Farm Creator is a tool for projects to create yield farms and users to stake in a yield farm for a reward. Unlike alternatives that require getting approvals from centralised project teams to create farms with the Step Farm Creator projects can create their own Single or Dual yield LP farms for their token in addition to single asset stake pools (coming soon).
When staked in a yield farm users will earn the tokens tokens for that yield farm for the specified period and will be able to harvest whenever they want to.

Entering a Yield Farm

Step Farms
First navigate to the 'Step Farms' page from the sidebar. You will see currently active incentivised yield farms there in the 'Active' tab. To Enter a yield farm you will need the LP for that yield farm, in the above screenshot example that is SOL/STEP, you will first need to add some liquidity to the AMM to get LP tokens for that pair.
Step In to Farm
If you click the 'Step In' button the farms page for a particular yield farm you will see the Step In modal. To Stake into the yield farm click the 'Stake LP tokens' button on this modal. Your existing LP tokens on the Step AMM will then be staked into this yield farm and you will be able to collect rewards for that farm.

Claiming Rewards

Once you are staked in a yield farm you will start accruing rewards in the tokens emitted by that farm. To claim these tokens, press the 'Claim' button on the farms page.