STEP Value Accrual

Value accrual mechanisms that are currently live or planned on Step Finance


Value accrual to token holders is essential the value proposition to STEP. Below are some of currently active value accrual mechanisms in place in addition to already announced future mechanisms. Keep in mind the Step team have many value accrual mechanisms planned (over 20+) but it takes time to build so check back here for future updates.

Fee Address

Here is a link to our fee address.

All fees collected on the Step Finance platform will be directed to this address. Over time, the money accrued in fees in this address will be used to buyback STEP tokens. These tokens will eventually (in a future update) be distributed to STEP stakers as an APY.

The fee wallet linked above started collecting fees 16 June 2021

Current Fee Paying Value Accruals on Step Finance

Swap page - Total fees for a Swap on Step are 0.3% with 0.2% of that fee going to LPs of the pool and 0.1% going to STEP Stakers. In the event of a Swap being routed over multiple pools then the maximum fee is 0.52% with 0.4% going to LPs (0.2% for each pool) and 0.12% going to STEP stakers (0.06% in each pool)

Settle Balance - 20% referral of the fee on settling an order from the Serum DEX on Step

Compounding Yield Farms - 0.2% fee on the claim amount

Future Fee Paying Value Accruals on Step Finance

We have a number of planned additions to Step Finance which will add value to the Step platform, provide a useful service and charge a fee. These include: Yield aggregation vaults, Staking LP lockups, CDP Lockups, Single asset strategies, DCA, Bridges and much more.