Step Finance
STEP Third Party Integrations
DeFi apps where STEP is a supported token in other 3rd party services unrelated to Step Finance


Step Finance gives NO ASSURANCE on the security, transparency, legality, and usability of the below platforms. Many or all of these platforms are custodial, when you use them they have your tokens now and you risk them managing them, there is a risk you could lose some or all of your money. These are other projects unrelated to Step Finance we have no sway over how they operate and any problems you may have with them should be followed up directly with the Project- Step Finance will not be able to assist.

Lending Protocols

You can Supply and Borrow STEP on Lending Protocols and earn an interest rate determined by the utilisation rate of the STEP pool. This enables complex long/short, leverage, and other strategies.

Yield Farms

Solyard - single asset staking pools and STEP LP auto compounding.
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