Step Finance
The Step Team
@george_harrap - Co-Founder
George has been in crypto for over a decade having previously been a miner, trader, built 6 exchanges, founder of the world's first crypto remittance startup Bitspark and successfully raised several angel, venture and corporate VC rounds. Recently George has been focusing on the DeFi space to further the bankless future and advise successful projects.
@aaronov - Co-Founder & Lead Developer
Highly experienced C/C++/Solidity/Rust developer and advocate for decentralisation, privacy, and pursuit of financial freedom. Bounty hunter extraordinaire with a number of contributions to Dracula Protocol, yAxis and other ETH projects.
@kristinlow - Design Lead
A product & service designer and early Bitcoin adopter, Kristin initiated the Bitcoin Hong Kong meetup group in 2012. He worked closely with George supporting Bitspark’s product development. He has built and exited an Asia-wide human-centred design practice.
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